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  "Ok, ok, are we all here? Welcome to our meeting. I guess we can get started Now we finished with that greeting." Elephant Seal cleared his throat, Addressing the Town Hall. Their community was very close, Although it was quite small. Many of the inhabitants Learned together they must stick In order to build happy lives In the cold and vast Arctic. They opened up by counting heads And seeing who was there. Harp Seal, Walrus, Arctic Fox, Reindeer and Polar Bear. Elephant Seal began to speak, But quickly was disrupted. The Hare had raised her little paw, And gently interrupted. "Excuse me, Sir, I am sorry For cutting in this way. But I note Puffin's not here- Did you see him today?" Elephant Seal looked around, And whisperings were heard. Each was asking their neighbor, "Have you seen the Bird?" "We should go check up on him, He had planned to attend. We must know why he is not here And look after our friend." Out of the Hall they filed out,


  The Dog was sure it was there. He knew where he had dug. He never even told a soul- Not Bull Dog, Mutt or Pug. He searched and searched, but no success. Somebody must have seen him Digging deep into the earth, Under this Oak tree's limb. He chose this tree because it was Tall and oh so grand, With lots of leaves and strong branches On soft and grassy land. But his favorite bone was gone- Stolen in the night! He vowed to find who took it And make this wrong a right! Dog thought, "I bet Squirrel watched From high up in the tree! He hung around til I was done, Waiting patiently!" The Squirrel must have then snuck down, Dog went on to imagine, "Digging up that awesome bone- With an evil grin!" Dog went to accuse Squirrel, Though he had no proof. "That's what happened, I am sure!" The Dog huffed with a "woof!" He would confront this awful thief. On Squirrel's guilt, Dog had ruled. "I'll get my bone back from that crook, Show him

Still Waters

Sometimes I feel invisible. I know you say that too. But for me it is more literal- For my body, you see through. I greet fish and say, "What's up?" Surprised, they look around. Past me, upwards and behind, Then oddly at the ground. I am rarely noticed, Even when I am quite near. Being always overlooked, Brings me close to tears. I'm shy and speak so low, The waves just drown me out. I guess I could be louder, still, It's not in me to shout. My trouble is made worse, you see, By long, thin tentacles. The current makes them twist and turn, Far and wide it sprawls. Fish come by, but do not see- They swim right into them. I probably don't have to say It's bad for making friends. They untangle fins, then swim away, Often in a huff. So you see, being me, Is feeling rather tough. But if anybody stopped to ask, They'd see I'm cool to know! It's not just 'cause I am see through Or have an inner glow. My kind predate the dinosaurs! Can you believe t

Getting the Hang of it

Little Bat grew quickly. His mom was very proud. He was kind and smart as well And hung with a good crowd. He could fly fast, his wings were strong. He’d do tricks in the air. He’d make his friends laugh with great jokes And all his fruit he’d share. He had a great imagination And artistic too! He’d draw in dirt with his wing For everyone to view. He was such a happy pup, But one thing made him frown. The poor thing was so afraid To hang upside down. All the blood rushed to his head And made him feel quite ill. No matter what his mom would say He’d not practice this skill. “As a Bat, it’s what we do!’ Mom would plead and beg For little Bat to try again, And hang down from his legs. “You’ll eventually get used it,” Mom tried to persuade. But nothing that she ever said Made him less afraid. “When I hang down, my head hurts. I don’t feel good at all. I feel dizzy and shaky too- Like I’m about to fall!” His mother tried to explain, “We cannot sleep upright. It’s easier when upside down; It

The Explorers

They were sure of their plan. They had not a doubt- They chose the right gear, They chose the right trout. They knew their home river, And knew it so well, They knew every rock, Every Fish, every shell. What was above? Nobody knew. So it was time To choose a crew- To plan a mission With data returning To meet their needs For even more learning. The first issue to tackle Was respiration, So she'd breathe for The mission's duration. Their top scientist Found half a lightbulb. This domed piece of glass Fit her gills and her skull. Water went in, They sealed it up tight. This would allow Her to breathe during flight! Next, how to get All the information. They didn't have hands, They realized with frustration! So using old shells They made a device To work with her fins- It would suffice! The shells were attached To a long stick. With grabbing motion, Up things it would pick. They knitted a bag Out of stringy, green kelp. To bring back her finds, This surely would help! A long s


I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole  With "Alice in Wonderland". I've felt myself disappear Into Wells’ "The Invisible Man". I became quite caught up Within dear "Charlotte’s Web". "A Tale of Two Cities" was so good, I nearly lost my head. I remember being swept away By "The Old Man and the Sea". Amy Tan’s "The Joy Luck Club" I quickly read with glee. I had a great whale of a time With the tale of "Moby Dick". I spent hours trying to understand What made "The Time Machine" tick. I devoured "Breakfast at Tiffany's" By Truman Capote, And thoroughly enjoyed the ride I took with "Don Quixote". The epic book "Gone With the Wind" Totally blew me away. "The Never Ending Story", I finished without delay. Transported by "Murder On the Orient Express", I also admit I'm biased towards "Pride and Prejudice". When I read "Catcher in the Rye"