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The Game

Ball one!  Strike one!  Then ball two- It's a baseball game here at the zoo! The animals are playing the game tonight To decide who gets the bragging rights!
One side-The plant eating Herbivores, Who hope to really run up their scores. The Predators are the other side, With the Lion at the head of their pride.
The Herbivores start out playing defense- With the Predators at bat, the game can commence. All of the animals take their position, Each team has "winning" as their mission.
The Elephant pitches from the mound. With her trunk she can toss that ball around. She winds up, then sends the pitch Right to the Kangaroo's catcher's mitt.
The Tiger at bat swings so hard,  The bat is broken in several shards! He runs towards first as his teammates shout! But the Giraffe, so long, easily makes the out.
The Crocodile walks up, fixing his hat, To take his place as next at bat. Balanced by his long and massive tail, On that ball he's able to wail.
The ball flies up,…

Identity Crisis

Platypus was in crisis What herself she should be called. Due to many guises, In many classes she did fall.
The Platypus scratched her head,  She always thought she knew. But she didn't have an answer When asked, "What are you?"
"A Platypus, of course," she laughed. But Muskrat then had said, "But what exactly does that mean?" And she cocked her head.
"What does it mean?  What am I?" And now it plagued her so. If she couldn't tell what she was Maybe someone else would know?
She found the Duck and waddled up- "Know what a Platypus may be? I'm at a loss and thought you might Have more a clue than me."
Duck looked at her and smiled wide- "A kind of duck, I'm sure! You lay eggs and have a bill! You needn't wonder more!"
Platypus was glad at first. But it did not take too long Until she started to think and feel Duck was very wrong.
"I have a bill and lay eggs, This is very true, But don't have feathe…


Have you ever paid attention To what animal groups are called? Here are a few of the names That have me most enthralled:
Climb aboard some Otters, Because they are called a "Raft", Hyenas gathered in a "Cackle" Are sure to make you laugh.

That "Murder" of Crows out there? Clearly killing time. While the "Conspiracy" of Ravens Is setting them up for a crime.

Would you shake with fear Seeing Cobras in a "Quiver"? I'd be more afraid Meeting Sharks grouped in a "Shiver".

Elephants strut their stuff Marching proud in their "Parade", A "Bask" of Crocs bathe in the sun Avoiding all the shade.

A "Business" of Ferrets there Say you should mind your own. The "School" that those Fish swim in  Taught them all that they have known.

Don't attack a large Frog "Army", Especially poison sorts! Don't untie a "Knot" of Toads, Unless you want some warts!

Hold your ears as a…