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If You Lived Under the Sea

If you lived under the sea, who would you be? You have plenty to choose, from A DOWN TO Z! Many things to consider, when you make your decision- Let's look at all options, and choose with precision! If you lived under the sea, who would you be? Would you protect clown fish, like the ANEMONE? Would you attach, like a BARNACLE, to the keel of a ship? Or be a deep sea COD, later eaten with chips? Where would you swim, if you lived under the waves? As a DOLPHIN, would you just play in the bay? Or snake like an EEL, under coral and rocks? Venture onto the shore, where the FIDDLER CRAB walks? Who'd be your friends, if under the ocean you dwelled? A GIANT SQUID, with its tentacles, if you felt so compelled? Or the flat HALIBUT, laying close to the ground? Or would you crawl with the ISOPODS you found all around? How would you move, if you had a watery home? Would you propel gracefully, if you had a JELLYFISH dome? As a KILLER

No Bones About it

On the outskirts of a northern state,  There is a special town. Boo-Ville's not like any place  You've ever been around. The people are, though quite nice,  Unlike you've ever seen- They are the types you would meet only on Halloween! There is a family we will meet  And their last name is Jones. They are kind and fun and loving and  Oh! Made out of bones! Their son, whose name is Mikey, is a boy about your age. He is very much like you, but you see his rib cage. One Sunday morning, Mikey awoke And he began to yawn. But what was this?  His arm was missing! Where could it have gone? He knew he had it yesterday, That's how he ate his dinner- But did he have it before bed? On that thought things were dimmer. "I have to go retrace my steps And think of where I lost it. If my mother finds this out, I know she'll have a fit!" Last night he went to his friend's house After finishi

What Does the Eagle See?

What does the eagle see From heights only he can reach? As he soars above the tops of trees, And over water's beach? His eyesight is so very sharp, He can see the smallest rat. And if by chance he flies by you, He can see the logo on your hat! He sees bears crash through the woods, Breaking branches twigs and leaves. He sees magpies, blue, black and white Singing in the trees. Five types of salmon, he does see, Swimming up the stream- And rafts of otters in the bay Swimming as a team. The eagle sees the mountain cliffs, Goats steady on the ledge... He also watches cormorants  Along the water's edge. Puffins with their colorful beaks Dot the rocks below. And on a glacier's frozen edge, Sea lions in the snow! The ravens fly high with our friend, Scoping out a meal- While looking down for some fish, The eagle spots a seal! Black and white, large and sleek, Orcas leap abov

The Hungry Little Otter

There was a hungry, little otter Who lived down by the sea. He would eat most anything- Foods from A to Z. Kelp that he would find afloat Along the water's edge. He would eat any grass, or weed Or straw or sedge. His Mother and his Father would Then offer him his plate. When a short time had passed Not a thing he hadn't ate! And he still wanted more! He looked over at his brother. He asked, "If you're not eating that, Mind if I take another?" He dug up little clams he found Buried in the sand. He first would wash them nice and clean, Then eat them with his hands. He would chase the little fishes, And then would eat them with some chips. He would pick through all the stuff Dropped by people off of ships. The pink and orange crabs were  His favorite by far! The hungry, little otter Ate in the sea and on the shore. The spines on purple urchins  Offered no deterrence- He would g

Elephants Don't Eat Bananas

Elephants don't eat bananas... Rhinos don't climb up the trees. Birds don't swim in the water, And sea lions don't float on the breeze! Everything seems so messed up- The animals are acting so strange! What is happening at the zoo To make all the animals change? Horses are barking like dogs! While kangaroos crawl on the ground. Giraffes are herding the sheep? With snakes bouncing all up and down! The tortoise is as fast as a cheetah, While the rabbit moves so slow it's silly. And while frogs build some dams on the river, Beavers lounge on some pads with the lillies. The moose are changing their colors, While the chameleons have antlers galore! The anteaters are standing on one leg- While flamingos eat ants off the floor? Oh what's going on at the zoo To mix up the creatures this way? Could it be they've all gone CRAZY? NOPE! Surprise! It'