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The Explorers

They were sure of their plan. They had not a doubt- They chose the right gear, They chose the right trout. They knew their home river, And knew it so well, They knew every rock, Every Fish, every shell. What was above? Nobody knew. So it was time To choose a crew- To plan a mission With data returning To meet their needs For even more learning. The first issue to tackle Was respiration, So she'd breathe for The mission's duration. Their top scientist Found half a lightbulb. This domed piece of glass Fit her gills and her skull. Water went in, They sealed it up tight. This would allow Her to breathe during flight! Next, how to get All the information. They didn't have hands, They realized with frustration! So using old shells They made a device To work with her fins- It would suffice! The shells were attached To a long stick. With grabbing motion, Up things it would pick. They knitted a bag Out of stringy, green kelp. To bring back her finds, This surely would help! A long s


The year is 2050 and we've opened the door To more exploration than ever before. Nuclear propulsion now powers our craft Which allows us to travel incredibly fast! With space so far reaching, how to go such a distance? We'll use what's called wormholes, which give great assistance. Wormholes are tubes bridging sites far on maps, But we never could use them for fear they'd collapse. For them to be safe, they'd have to be stable, And that's what technology from NASA enabled. They join two far places, apart by lightyears- Shortcuts across space, new paths and frontiers. We've successfully launched, and all at our stations- We have a strong team from all different nations. Space travel's a challenge!  The key's cooperation! We need the best squad, no matter location! We work well together in the spirit of science- To explore and learn is why we formed our alliance. The possibilities are endless, on

Let's Explore the Solar System

The Earth is a huge and inspiring place That one day we will explore. But let's look at our Solar System today And take a planetary tour! Buckle up in your seat, and hold on tight As our rocket begins to rise! Get your camera ready and your spacesuit on. You won't believe your eyes! At our center is the bright, white sun- A hot surface of 10,000 degrees! The core gets even hotter than that! For sure you will beg for a breeze. The sun is one of billions of stars We can see in our Milky Way band. There are more stars in the universe Than there are Earth's grains of sand! Mercury is the closest and smallest world To our hometown star. Whizzing round the sun in 88 days, It's faster than the sportiest car! Being so close to the sun makes it quite hot, Getting up to 800 degrees. But because there is no atmosphere, At night, you would actually freeze! Venus is known as our sister planet Because of our sim

Blast Off

  He sat in his seat, strapped in nice and tight As he and his team prepared for his flight. His ship was brand new, it was big and bright green And for its first trip it was sparkling clean. It shined and it glowed in the bright, morning sun, The team checked the engines, the tests were all run. The ship was all set, everything seemed just right- Then the engineers started the countdown for the flight. He could hear them so clearly-Ten, nine, eight they said While the astronaut’s thoughts ran around in his head- Today is the day I launch up to the stars And in nine quick months, I’ll be landing on Mars! They continued to count-Three, two, one he heard And then felt his ship start to shudder and whir. It shook and it rocked as up, up he went In every part of his being he could feel his ascent. The sky did grow darker as he began to break free Of the Earth’s strong pull, the Earth’s gravity.