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Meet and Greet

  You've heard of Dogs and Cats. Of Sheep, you are aware. But have you heard of these, Which are a bit more rare? Some are wild looking, Others will intrigue. But compared to common animals, They're in a different league! Some of these poor critters Are losing habitat. While you are reading this, Please remember that! Earth is not just ours, With others we do share. Unique plants and animals, For them we must care. Let's dive into our list. I hope you'll find it fun! You can read more on your own After we are done! There's a shy sea creature Known as an Axolotl. It has long and fuzzy gills With skin that's sometimes mottled. They live in Mexico, In canals and lakes they swim. Amazingly they can Regrow a lost limb! The Aztecs knew of them When they existed in the thousands. There's only a few left, So their homes we must defend. Have you seen the Harpy Eagle? The coolest looking bird? They do not make much noise, But croak and mew if heard. They can weigh twe

Eye of the Beholder

  We love animals that are so cute, Like a Puppy, Cat or Bunny. But there are cool creatures we ignore Because they look quite funny. Let's take a look at some of them Cause they deserve attention. You'll find them very interesting And way beyond convention. First is the small Star Nosed Mole With a strange shape on her face. But she's fastest of hunters, No one can beat her pace! Her strange pink nose gives her an edge, Though her eyes can barely see. She can find food and eat it up Before you can count to three! She swims with water proof fur, Digging claws?  As oars they double! She can smell underwater too Through the use of bubbles! Next is a creature that you'll love, Though they look quite strange. But once you learn their special skill Your opinion will change! Aye Ayes look shocked, with big eyes, Hair looks electrified. But when in trees, looking for food, They know just what's inside! One finger, long and thin, Taps quickly on the trees. It makes bugs mov


Have you ever paid attention To what animal groups are called? Here are a few of the names That have me most enthralled: Climb aboard some Otters, Because they are called a "Raft", Hyenas gathered in a "Cackle" Are sure to make you laugh. That "Murder" of Crows out there? Clearly killing time. While the "Conspiracy" of Ravens Is setting them up for a crime. Would you shake with fear Seeing Cobras in a "Quiver"? I'd be more afraid Meeting Sharks grouped in a "Shiver". Elephants strut their stuff Marching proud in their "Parade", A "Bask" of Crocs bathe in the sun Avoiding all the shade. A "Business" of Ferrets there Say you should mind your own. The "School" that those Fish swim in  Taught them all that they have known. Don't attack a large Frog "Army", Especially poison sorts! D


The year is 2050 and we've opened the door To more exploration than ever before. Nuclear propulsion now powers our craft Which allows us to travel incredibly fast! With space so far reaching, how to go such a distance? We'll use what's called wormholes, which give great assistance. Wormholes are tubes bridging sites far on maps, But we never could use them for fear they'd collapse. For them to be safe, they'd have to be stable, And that's what technology from NASA enabled. They join two far places, apart by lightyears- Shortcuts across space, new paths and frontiers. We've successfully launched, and all at our stations- We have a strong team from all different nations. Space travel's a challenge!  The key's cooperation! We need the best squad, no matter location! We work well together in the spirit of science- To explore and learn is why we formed our alliance. The possibilities are endless, on

If You Lived Under the Sea

If you lived under the sea, who would you be? You have plenty to choose, from A DOWN TO Z! Many things to consider, when you make your decision- Let's look at all options, and choose with precision! If you lived under the sea, who would you be? Would you protect clown fish, like the ANEMONE? Would you attach, like a BARNACLE, to the keel of a ship? Or be a deep sea COD, later eaten with chips? Where would you swim, if you lived under the waves? As a DOLPHIN, would you just play in the bay? Or snake like an EEL, under coral and rocks? Venture onto the shore, where the FIDDLER CRAB walks? Who'd be your friends, if under the ocean you dwelled? A GIANT SQUID, with its tentacles, if you felt so compelled? Or the flat HALIBUT, laying close to the ground? Or would you crawl with the ISOPODS you found all around? How would you move, if you had a watery home? Would you propel gracefully, if you had a JELLYFISH dome? As a KILLER