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I Wish

I wish I could land on my feet like a cat With hearing as sharp and as keen as a bat! If I could leap high, as a high as a flea? There would never be anyone who could ever stop me!
If I could punch like the tough mantis shrimp- Along with the strength of a big, alpha chimp! With abilities to self heal, like the snail or starfish- But it isn't happening, no matter how hard I wish...
I can't camouflage like the shy octopus, And I can't sense electricity like the rare platypus. I can't soar or see like the powerful eagle, And my sense of smell isn't keen like my best friend's beagle.

It's so depressing, so sad, to know I lack features That it takes to defeat the evil 5th grade teacher...

Road Trip

Dad said we should take a trip And see it all by car. "Two whole weeks should do it kids- You'll see it's not that far!"
"We'll leave today, get on the road!" We prepped in no time flat. But no room for my brother and me? The back seats were all too packed.
We climbed in between the snacks and games, Settled in as best we could. There was no place for us to put our feet Because behind the seats was full.
Dad said it was fine and we were on our way, The car moved very slow. It wove to the right and Dad pulled off- Tire pressure was too low.
Minor setback, is all - is what he said And grinned from ear to ear. Nothing dampened his excitement As he put the car in gear.
We fixed that snag and started anew- Off to see the sights! But it wasn't too long after we left My brother picked a fight.
"He's on my side and touching me!" "He's making annoying sounds!" Dad looked in the rear view, told us to stop Or he'd turn this car…