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No Bones About it

On the outskirts of a northern state,  There is a special town. Boo-Ville's not like any place  You've ever been around.
The people are, though quite nice,  Unlike you've ever seen- They are the types you would meet only on Halloween!
There is a family we will meet  And their last name is Jones. They are kind and fun and loving and  Oh! Made out of bones!
Their son, whose name is Mikey, is a boy about your age. He is very much like you, but you see his rib cage.
One Sunday morning, Mikey awoke And he began to yawn. But what was this?  His arm was missing! Where could it have gone?
He knew he had it yesterday, That's how he ate his dinner- But did he have it before bed? On that thought things were dimmer.
"I have to go retrace my steps And think of where I lost it. If my mother finds this out, I know she'll have a fit!"
Last night he went to his friend's house After finishing his meal. He decided to start there first, Maybe he would know the deal.
He …