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Four Left Hooves

Misstep one, Misstep two, Sorry for barreling into you. For most graceful, I get no one's vote. I'm the klutziest, clumsiest mountain goat.
We're supposed to be agile, nimble and sure, But I stumble and trip, my legs all a blur. I'm very unsteady.  Balance?  A stranger. To myself and others, I pose quite the danger.
We live high up, near mountain tops, Walking along crags, looking down on steep drops. A klutzy goat is nobody's friend. It's lonely at the bottom, worse as we ascend.
Some begin to come near, then start to think better, Afraid I may cause them to take a header. So alone I grazed, far below the rest. My equilibrium I dared not to test.
I'd grown used to the distance, it's really not bad. But there were times I'd feel down and get sad. My herd wasn't mean, not cruel nor cold-hearted. I knew they felt bad when all this had started.
It wasn't my fault, but it's really unjust. Because for my kind, steadiness is a must. I'd s…

Good Things Come in Small Pachyderms

The littlest elephant was tired of hearing She was too small, adults would say sneering. "Be careful of that!", "Don't go near this!" When she came around, they would quickly dismiss.
When they would all go to the watering ground, Everyone would go in and spray water around. Little one, so excited, would get ready to leap Before being scolded and told, "It's too deep."
The sunsets on savannas are a sight to behold, Seeing shades of bright pink, purple and gold. But little one couldn't see, though she did try  her best,  Stuck in the back, smaller than the rest.
At feeding time the herd gathered round trees, But little one, only as high as Mom's knees, Was forced to beg and forced to beseech. Being so small, she just couldn't reach.

The Perfect Pet

Dad surprised son by giving him news That he's getting a pet!  He just has to choose! You can get a hamster, a cat or a frog- A snake or a lizard, or a good loyal dog!
The boy thought a sec, then turned to his Dad. "I want to say something, but don't think I'm sad. I'm excited you see, I want nothing more- The problem is that there are choices galore!"
Each pet has a feature that I have in mind,  I wish there was one with them all combined. Do you think we can create the perfect pet?" Dad said, "I'll draw as you talk-let's see what
 we get!"
"Like a kitten, it has to be soft to the touch And love to snuggle and hug very much. It would purr when I pet it and sit next to me When I want to relax and just watch TV."
"But like a dog, its athletic and should like to play. We can go out for walks when it's a nice day. We can throw sticks and balls, I'll teach him
to fetch." With that thought in mind, Dad continued

Greener Pastures

A pig in her sty Began to ask why There has to be mud all around?
I'd be happier still Without all this swill, With mire and muck on the ground.
She looked at her friends With smells that offend. She wanted to find pastures greener.
I'm sick of this grime- It's finally time To find a new home that is cleaner.
She left on that day And was well on her way When she found an old hollow tree.
It seemed big enough To fit her and her stuff, So she moved in with joy and with glee.
But it wasn't too soon Til she changed her tune And found that this wasn't quite right.
Yes, it was big, Nice enough for a pig, But it was also chock full of termites.
She got up and left, She felt quite bereft, But resolved to find something once more.
She followed a trail, Told herself she'd prevail, And went further afield to explore.
She entered a meadow, Where soft grass did grow, And thought, "How can I complain?
I can look up at the sky, It's cleaner than the sty!" But t…

Chasing Dragonflies

Up in the North, in Alaska's woods Where the days are long and cold, There lived a little, curious moose Whose story must be told.
One day while he was grazing He saw a darting dragonfly. He began to chase it all around, Not seeing time was passing by.
He ran and played and jumped and leapt, And so far did he roam, It wasn't long before he found He was quite a ways from home. He looked around, and up and down, But did not see his mother. He climbed up hills, and went down streams And called out for his brother.
The little moose then thought he saw His brother through some leaves. But it wasn't antlers that he saw, Just the branches of some trees.
He looked around the meadow ground, For even one hoof mark. But found none, and started to fret As the sky grew dark.
All alone and feeling scared, Little moose lay down and cried. But as he began to look around, He couldn't believe his eyes!

He stopped crying, and slowly got up, And he began to feel more calm. Because in the…


"My people are away on vacation," Thought the parrot all alone in his cage. "I'm in need of good conversation. I'll find others with whom to engage."
"My need for smart interaction Will surely be met on my tour. I'll meet others to serve as distraction Til my people walk back through the door."
So parrot unlocked his cage door, And flew right out into the world. Great discourse awaited for sure Once his colorful wings had unfurled.
"What will other beasts say?" he had mused As he found a large cow in a field. But he started to become confused When a reluctance to talk was revealed.

"What's your name?  And where are you walking? What do you like to do during the day?" Parrot tried to engage her in talking, But "Move" was all she would say.
"That cow was quite rude," thought the bird, And decided to try someone new. Not realizing he had misheard- What the cow said was actually "Moo".
He look…