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The Game

Ball one!  Strike one!  Then ball two- It's a baseball game here at the zoo! The animals are playing the game tonight To decide who gets the bragging rights!
One side-The plant eating Herbivores, Who hope to really run up their scores. The Predators are the other side, With the Lion at the head of their pride.
The Herbivores start out playing defense- With the Predators at bat, the game can commence. All of the animals take their position, Each team has "winning" as their mission.
The Elephant pitches from the mound. With her trunk she can toss that ball around. She winds up, then sends the pitch Right to the Kangaroo's catcher's mitt.
The Tiger at bat swings so hard,  The bat is broken in several shards! He runs towards first as his teammates shout! But the Giraffe, so long, easily makes the out.
The Crocodile walks up, fixing his hat, To take his place as next at bat. Balanced by his long and massive tail, On that ball he's able to wail.
The ball flies up,…

The Inventor

There are so many things I wish did exist. For many years now, I've been keeping a list. I'll be the greatest inventor when I am all grown. And the coolest machines I will then own.
One idea was inspired 'cause all of my stuff Is grabbed by my bro, and he is quite rough. The "Create-A-Thingie" will make you another When your favorite toy is broken by your brother.
Will Mom refuse to let you leave the table, Til you finish your plate, although you're unable? "I-Don't-Want-It-You-Eat-It" will make life a breeze When Mom makes you stay til you eat your veggies.
Teacher says my math's in need of assist- A number of problems on my test I had missed. The "Number-ator" makes math skills much greater, Though I'm not sure it's different than my calculator...
Bath hour in the way of your Lego time? Mom insists you get rid of the dirt and the grime? The "Dry Shower" cleans you, but never annoys! In five minutes flat you'…

One in a Million

When see you ants swarm around, What thoughts enter your mind? Do you think, "Just bugs on the ground"? Or "An interesting group I have found!"
Our world's sophisticated- So full of activity. The community we've created Is as complex as yours, you see?
Ants' homes have many sections- Many tunnels criss-crossing and such. If you haven't a sense of direction You really are just out of luck.
It's easy to get lost and adrift, In this maze that's so hard to track. When I went to start my first shift, It took two weeks to find my way back.
We make a huge society. Our leader, the Queen, is in charge. But oh my!  All the anxiety To be part of a group that's so large.
Thousands of us in one home, All in one colony. The only men here are the drones, And they are the Queen's property.
Do you know what it's like to be living With a thousand or so of your sisters? I don't want to share my misgivings, But it would be nice to have a few mi…

Bad Reputation

Psst!  Hey!  Hello!  Down here, on the ground! I know I am quiet, barely making a sound. But please, won't you stop and give me your ear? I have quite the account I think you should hear.
You don't understand, to be a snake is hard work, When you have the reputation of being a jerk. From the Garden of Eden, and Adam and Eve To the cause of Cleopatra's subjects to grieve.
In "Harry Potter" the evil has us as the root, St. Patrick is loved because he gave us the boot. It's not just, it's not fair, and this is a fact. But to change other's minds, against us cards are stacked.
On top of all that, we must slither around Without legs or feet, bellies on the ground. Low to the earth, we must keep alert That we are not stepped on or otherwise hurt.
Some of us are large with muscles that constrict. Some of us do have venom, with a bite, to inflict. But me? I'm just a small, harmless garter snake, Easily fended off with a hand or a rake.
It's unfair, I…

What's In A Name?

I met a girl named Journey, but she lived too far away Opal was a gem, but she left me one fine day Patience, she ran out on me, I never did know why I was shocked when Raven flew off and said goodbye
Beautiful music was never made with true Harmony  I was never given any time by sweet Charity Autumn was so beautiful, but for me she did not fall  I realized Joy was never glad to ever see me call
Temperance agreed to date only in moderation Brandy would only see me if I offered her libation Julienne had cut my heart into many slices While Eden was the opposite of Earthly paradises
Serenity made her peace with ending our romance Destiny left a reunion purely up to chance Honor always lied to me, of this I was aware Ivy drove me up a wall, clingy beyond compare
I really thought Eternity would stay with me forever Faith made me believe that we would always be together My dating life is such a mess, it really is a shame It made me stop and start to think, what is in a name?

The Cat Playbook III-Defending Your Turf

Old Cat and Young Cat, Mentor and Mentee, Old Cat proud Young Cat earned his cat degree. He looked after Young Cat as if he were his own Inside the house that now felt like a home.
Things had settled well and they fell into a groove. The way they got along, any Pet Dad would approve. They were very happy, their lives felt so ideal, Everything fell into place, contentment they did feel.
One day Pet Dad came home and things felt very strange. Though they did not know just yet, things were gonna change. Extra bowls came out of bins. And why toy bones abound? Curiouser things became, and then they heard the sound.
A sharp arf here, and then a yelp-was that a bark as well? Young Cat was quite unsure, but Old Cat knew the tell. "This couldn't be, I don't believe Pet Dad would have agreed To add this yipping, noisy thing to our perfect family!"
Old Cat, full of disbelief, quite frankly felt insulted Pet Dad would make this choice before they'd been consulted. No vote, …