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Evolution's quite a thing- Amazed, it makes me gape. But do you ever stop and think, What if we had not come from Apes?
If we were close to Snakes, Would we slither all around? Would we have built our buildings A little closer to the ground?
Or from the Birds, who fly with ease, We'd evolved our shape and form? Would sharp beaks instead of mouths And bright feathers be our norm?
Dogs, they say, are man's best friend. But if they were ancestors long ago, Instead of shaking hands Would we sniff butts to say hello?
Our better yet, our Feline pets? Stuck up jerks, Cats we do label. But what if we came from them, Would we knock objects off the tables?
Lizards, another branch- How'd that evolution flow? Changing colors like Chameleons, Is how emotions we would show?
Or from Fireflies, would we glow? Or if Wasps, sting enemies? Would we spin webs like Spiders do Or make honey like the Bees?
Could we shock someone we didn't like If Electric Eels were our forebears? Would …

Ask a Silly Question...

How do Porcupines embrace? Carefully, I guess... Standing far apart with their Paws around their necks?
Whatever do Raccoons Wear on Halloween? Since wearing masks for them Is pretty much routine?
Are Hyenas really laughing At some clever inside joke? What could be that funny That kind of laughter to evoke?
How to know a Horse agrees, That he means "yes" or "yea"? When the only thing he says Is simply the word "nay"?
Flamingos have great balance When on one leg.  Although, I wonder what would happen If they got vertigo?
Snakes are awesome creatures, But not without a hitch. I wonder what they do  When they have an awful itch?
A Skunk's spray smells bad And it makes me think- How does a Skunk prevent the smell From causing him to stink?
Swordfish's strange anatomy Gives me much delight. Do they engage with others in undersea sword fights?
A Rooster crowing loud Preps us for the day ahead. But do you ever wonder Who gets the Rooster out of bed?

Love Notes

The Dog's fondness will not "paws". The Cub can't "bear" if you're untrue. "You're purr-fect," says the Cat. Birds build love nests for you.
Bakers will always knead you. Whales' love songs will never "seas". Lab Rats think you're amazing. Hives buzz you're the "Bee's Knees".
A River's love flows strongly. Mountains think you're peak perfection. You make the Sun squeal with de-light. Clerks put no price on your affection.
Fishermen hope to catch your eye. Sea Lions "seal" notes with a kiss. Tailors wear hearts on their sleeves. Canyon's love's deep as an abyss.
You take the Wind's breath away. For you, the Forest pines. The Seasons want to Fall in love. Drunk on love, are the Red Wines.
Magnets find you so attractive. Lions want you as their "mane" squeeze. The Stags do hold you "deer". "We'll never leave you," say the Trees.
The Squirrels …

Oops...A Daisy

Would a Dandelion fight a Tigerlily? I know that it sounds quite silly. But questions of flowers really must Be examined and be discussed.
Have Marigolds ever been mined?
What about Silver Lace Vines? Who rings the Bluebells at high noon?
Can Trumpet Vines hold a tune?
Would Balloon Flowers soar unabated If Rock Roses didn't keep them weighted? Do Baby's Breath flow from Tulips? Do Sunflowers droop mid-eclipse?
Do Poppies prefer to be next to Mums? Where did Creeping Virginia really creep from? Are Foxgloves made of Queen Anne's Lace? Do Lady's Slippers leave tracks or trace?
Do Sword Lilies cut to the death When faced with Snapdragon's fire breath? Do Black-Eyed Susans look and spy, While Wallflowers act all shy?
Do Passion Flowers flirt without restraint, Causing Primroses to swoon and faint? Do Coffee Plants pair with Tea Roses? Would they help your friend, if she dozes?
Do Impatiens in your garden grow, Angry to wait, if grown to slow? Can you take a Pitcher Pla…

The Game

Ball one!  Strike one!  Then ball two- It's a baseball game here at the zoo! The animals are playing the game tonight To decide who gets the bragging rights!
One side-The plant eating Herbivores, Who hope to really run up their scores. The Predators are the other side, With the Lion at the head of their pride.
The Herbivores start out playing defense- With the Predators at bat, the game can commence. All of the animals take their position, Each team has "winning" as their mission.
The Elephant pitches from the mound. With her trunk she can toss that ball around. She winds up, then sends the pitch Right to the Kangaroo's catcher's mitt.
The Tiger at bat swings so hard,  The bat is broken in several shards! He runs towards first as his teammates shout! But the Giraffe, so long, easily makes the out.
The Crocodile walks up, fixing his hat, To take his place as next at bat. Balanced by his long and massive tail, On that ball he's able to wail.
The ball flies up,…

The Inventor

There are so many things I wish did exist. For many years now, I've been keeping a list. I'll be the greatest inventor when I am all grown. And the coolest machines I will then own.
One idea was inspired 'cause all of my stuff Is grabbed by my bro, and he is quite rough. The "Create-A-Thingie" will make you another When your favorite toy is broken by your brother.
Will Mom refuse to let you leave the table, Til you finish your plate, although you're unable? "I-Don't-Want-It-You-Eat-It" will make life a breeze When Mom makes you stay til you eat your veggies.
Teacher says my math's in need of assist- A number of problems on my test I had missed. The "Number-ator" makes math skills much greater, Though I'm not sure it's different than my calculator...
Bath hour in the way of your Lego time? Mom insists you get rid of the dirt and the grime? The "Dry Shower" cleans you, but never annoys! In five minutes flat you'…

One in a Million

When see you ants swarm around, What thoughts enter your mind? Do you think, "Just bugs on the ground"? Or "An interesting group I have found!"
Our world's sophisticated- So full of activity. The community we've created Is as complex as yours, you see?
Ants' homes have many sections- Many tunnels criss-crossing and such. If you haven't a sense of direction You really are just out of luck.
It's easy to get lost and adrift, In this maze that's so hard to track. When I went to start my first shift, It took two weeks to find my way back.
We make a huge society. Our leader, the Queen, is in charge. But oh my!  All the anxiety To be part of a group that's so large.
Thousands of us in one home, All in one colony. The only men here are the drones, And they are the Queen's property.
Do you know what it's like to be living With a thousand or so of your sisters? I don't want to share my misgivings, But it would be nice to have a few mi…