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  I know I'm right when I assert Seeking "Me" time's wasted effort. Completely surrounded all of the time Is starting to feel less than sublime. I come out of my hole, and start to reflect, Why my appeals get no respect. It's not odd, as I'm sure you'll agree, For someone to want some privacy. But if you take time and ask my colleagues, They'd stare at you with a look of intrigue. "It's overrated," is what they'd say, And continue to gab with each other all day. You will be minding your own business, But then they come close, they couldn't care less     That you're busy and don't want to chat, As they gather around you to chew the fat. One by one heads pop up, causing great din, Until they ask, "Whatcha doin?" I say, "Do you mind? It's not your concern." They roll their eyes, as their heads away turn. They've no idea what some quiet can do- What it's like to just sit, and enjoy the view. But


  I'm fine, it's fine.  This is nice. Floating on my patch of ice. They say it's just temporary. Someone will help.  The Climate Fairy? I'm fine, it's fine.  It's all good. The ice is doing what it should. It's normal.  Glaciers do retreat. Grass grows where there were once ice sheets. I'm fine, it's fine.  Everything's great! Some disagree, but it's not too late. There's still some food and some fishes- I'll just get creative with my dishes. I'm fine, it's fine.  In fact, it's super! I'm a survivor.  I'm a trooper. There's no need for consternation- It's just like a tropical vacation! I'm fine, it's fine.  It's all welcome. I'll change my vibe, be a beach bum. People pay money for tropical climes. I'm excited for these warming times. I'm fine, it's fine.  It's no big deal. Climate change is not real. If I'm wrong, I'll just learn to SCUBA, When the Arctic feels more

Riddle Me This

The Big Cat stalked silent, on his tip toe- His long tail was moving, twitching to and fro. He watched Gazelle as she ate and she grazed, Under the sun as it baked and it blazed. Closer he got, parting the grass, Knowing in a chase, he could surpass. Suddenly Gazelle felt Cheetah's eyes, And to his presence, she became wise. She shouted out, "I know you're there!" And then with caution and with great care, She watched wary as Cheetah appeared, And stepped back slowly as he calmly neared. "Hello, my dear.  Please come with me. Let's make this as easy as it can be. We both know that you can run fast, But I am faster and you'll be surpassed." "I don't think that's fair," said the Gazelle- "You're so swift, can I compel You to a game of our wits instead? And if I lose...", the rest went unsaid. Intrigued the Cat said, "Do tell me more." Such a rare offer he wanted to explore. Gazelle then smiled and made it clear

The Cat Playbook IV-Building A Better Mousetrap

Old Cat was relaxing, Young Cat by his side. When suddenly a big Mouse scurried on by. "What was that I just saw?" Old Cat had cried. Young Cat just sat there, mouth agape and  eyes wide. "A Mouse?" said Young Cat with disbelief, "Although the moment I saw was very brief. Whatever it was, it ran very fast, And before I could think, it already had passed." Old Cat yelled, "A Mouse!  Our house is afflicted! Without a doubt, he must be evicted! It's up to us, our responsibility- A job that we've handled throughout history!" "We must get this done, not a minute to waste! Come with me now, we can't be disgraced. Everyone will know," Old Cat had frowned, "That's how fast word of Mouse gets around!" Old Cat got up, with Young Cat behind, Devoted to the task he was newly assigned. At the basement door, Young Cat looked with awe, As Old Cat, to a scanner, raised his right paw. "This is my lab, the scanner keeps oth

The Vampire's Lament

People seem to admire Vampires, But they've no idea what it requires. Flying as bats?  Eternal life? Yes, but you're not accounting for strife. Italian food, yes?  You love it so? For Vampires, that cuisine's a no-no. A nice bolognese, meaty and thick? Not when it comes with fresh garlic! We get stressed too, and we need a break! It's hard dodging things that can be used as a stake! But no restful beach with oceans to splash. Not when the sun can turn you to ash. And how can I know if my cape is on straight? Or if I look tired, unkempt or look great? How do you tell if you're a mess or perfection When, in a mirror, you have no reflection? And yes, it is cool to walk on the ceiling. I must admit it's a really cool feeling. But it is a chore when your wife expects, Out of the corners, you to clear all insects. "But you can turn into a bat, and fly far away! Soaring the skies!  That's cool!" do you say? Yes it is nice to float on the breeze, But you m