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The Cat Playbook II - The Histories

Old Cat had taught Young Cat about being a kitty- How to land on all fours, avoiding litter too gritty. Young Cat was a natural, Old Cat did acknowledge. Young Cat had an insatiable thirst for new knowledge. Young Cat asked Old Cat about more education On the subject of "Cat", as choice occupation. Old Cat replied, "Since the basics you passed, Let's study history and step into the past." So Old Cat took Young Cat on a cultural tour Filled with data and facts, and sprinkled with lore. Young Cat sat up, so keen for his lesson. Old Cat cleared his throat and began the session. "Way back in Egypt, upon hot sand they trod, The smartest of cultures revered us as gods. Cat-headed old deities, to which they'd all bow. If you ask me, they should still do that now!" "Ancient Romans were our fans and were our proponents, But they didn't use us to get rid of their rodents. We were replaced by weasels

The Cat Playbook I - The Basics

The new cat arrived, all kitten and cute. The older cat said nothing-perfectly mute. The kitten tried eagerly to break up the ice, Purring and bunting and being all nice. The older cat warmed and finally said,  "Little one, there's much not yet in your head. Come let me teach you, so you'll never fail And a real cat you'll be, deserving your tail." The little cat sat, rapt in attention, Eager to hear all the old cat would mention. "First thing is first-know the best treats. Never do tricks, make them beg at your feet." "Sleep is essential-there is never enough- It is overrated to be active and tough. Everywhere is a nap opportunity. This is well known in the cat community." "Though we may live isolated in a tall, city flat, We aren't alone-there's a whole lot of cats! Look out the window!  See tuxedos and tabbies. There are more cats in the city than doormen and cabbies!"

One Frightened Feline

Charlie was an indoor cat, Afraid of the outdoors. Terrified of thunder claps And loudly slamming doors. Spooked by ants when they’d come in And swarm like a dark cloud, Petrified of Aunt Bernice (But in fairness, she is loud)... The mice would laugh at Charlie Cat. Getting past him was a breeze. Charlie hid away from them As they took their cheese. Poor Charlie Cat was scared of lights, But more afraid of night. And a garbage truck driving by Would give an awful fright. The mirror image, when he walked by, Would hiss and arch its back. Charlie feared so many things, Nobody could keep track. But we all have faults and make mistakes. And while Charlie wasn’t brave, He had many other qualities That made his owners rave. He was sweet and kind and loving To all who came around. He’d let the children pet him And make his purring sound. And what about those mean, old mice? Charlie worried never more. So who