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  I know I'm right when I assert Seeking "Me" time's wasted effort. Completely surrounded all of the time Is starting to feel less than sublime. I come out of my hole, and start to reflect, Why my appeals get no respect. It's not odd, as I'm sure you'll agree, For someone to want some privacy. But if you take time and ask my colleagues, They'd stare at you with a look of intrigue. "It's overrated," is what they'd say, And continue to gab with each other all day. You will be minding your own business, But then they come close, they couldn't care less     That you're busy and don't want to chat, As they gather around you to chew the fat. One by one heads pop up, causing great din, Until they ask, "Whatcha doin?" I say, "Do you mind? It's not your concern." They roll their eyes, as their heads away turn. They've no idea what some quiet can do- What it's like to just sit, and enjoy the view. But


  I'm fine, it's fine.  This is nice. Floating on my patch of ice. They say it's just temporary. Someone will help.  The Climate Fairy? I'm fine, it's fine.  It's all good. The ice is doing what it should. It's normal.  Glaciers do retreat. Grass grows where there were once ice sheets. I'm fine, it's fine.  Everything's great! Some disagree, but it's not too late. There's still some food and some fishes- I'll just get creative with my dishes. I'm fine, it's fine.  In fact, it's super! I'm a survivor.  I'm a trooper. There's no need for consternation- It's just like a tropical vacation! I'm fine, it's fine.  It's all welcome. I'll change my vibe, be a beach bum. People pay money for tropical climes. I'm excited for these warming times. I'm fine, it's fine.  It's no big deal. Climate change is not real. If I'm wrong, I'll just learn to SCUBA, When the Arctic feels more

Riddle Me This

The Big Cat stalked silent, on his tip toe- His long tail was moving, twitching to and fro. He watched Gazelle as she ate and she grazed, Under the sun as it baked and it blazed. Closer he got, parting the grass, Knowing in a chase, he could surpass. Suddenly Gazelle felt Cheetah's eyes, And to his presence, she became wise. She shouted out, "I know you're there!" And then with caution and with great care, She watched wary as Cheetah appeared, And stepped back slowly as he calmly neared. "Hello, my dear.  Please come with me. Let's make this as easy as it can be. We both know that you can run fast, But I am faster and you'll be surpassed." "I don't think that's fair," said the Gazelle- "You're so swift, can I compel You to a game of our wits instead? And if I lose...", the rest went unsaid. Intrigued the Cat said, "Do tell me more." Such a rare offer he wanted to explore. Gazelle then smiled and made it clear

From "Were" I Stand

  My brow is furrowed, my lips are pursed. What's troubling me?  I am cursed. It's been this way for quite some time. Will it last my whole lifetime? Every time the moon is full, I feel the change, I feel the pull. Slowly I start to transform- It has become my dreaded norm. My teeth grow sharp, my hair grows long. The urge to howl becomes strong. Eventually I'm on all fours, My claws click-clacking on the floor. My hearing becomes more acute. I engage in late, midnight pursuits. My eyes begin to glow bright red, Within my newly furry head. I twitch and shake my brand new tail. I start to growl and start to wail. I feel the need to go outside And let the moonlight be my guide. I slink behind a group of trees, Scent of trick-or-treaters on the breeze. I see them and I start to stalk My targets down the busy block. Behind them I discreetly creep Until they're alone-and then I leap! Biting the air, I snarl and growl- But laughter is all I hear them howl. Cracking up, they g

King-A Cat Playbook Mini

Don't come at me! Can you not see? I'm the toughest around! You think you're strong? You'll see you're wrong! I'll swat you right to the ground! I can see out so far! And touch all the stars! I'm hundred of stories high! You can't get me down, Or out of your town! No matter how many planes you do fly! I'm the strongest ape! Just look at my shape! You have no control over me! Try as you might, You can't match my fight! It's hopeless, soon you will see! Old Cat and Dog stared As Young Cat, teeth bared, Hung off of his tallest cat post. Swatting at flies, With intense, glaring eyes, In his daydream completely engrossed. "Cats are so weird," Dog simply sneered. Old Cat just shook his old head. "Don't say 'all cats'- We're not all like that. Young Cat's simply, um, spirited." "What can he be thinking?" Dog asked, staring, blinking At Young Cat, with his limbs all askew. Giving shoulders a shrug And

Multiple Confusion

  If Goose meet for a party, they become Geese. By why aren't many Moose also called Meese? And more than one Ox somehow become Oxen, But when a Fox joins his pals, we don't  call them Foxen. While we're at it-Octopuses or just Octopi? Hippopotamuses?  Hippos?  Hippopotami? The bird Grouse flies with others, and they are termed Grouses. But a Mouse and his buddies aren't called Mouses? Many Bison and Sheep are having a ball Knowing in groups, their names don't change at all. Fungus and Cactus don't just add "e", "s"- Oh no!  You use "i", adding to the mess! We can find ourselves entertained at the Zoo, But thinking about it, are you confused too? There's no common rule to use for beast groups- To learn correct terms has us  jumping through hoops. I imagine he is having a good laugh at us, Figuring out what to call two hippopotamus. I am referring of course, no doubt, to the bloke Who made up different rules as some kind of joke.

Like Ducks to Water

Today was the day, fresh out of the nest. The babies would put their skills to the test. Mama led first, assuming they'd follow Her to the lake, near them in the hollow. She leapt out of the nest, and turned to her brood, "We learn swimming today!" as they finished  their food. They looked at Mom, questions in their eyes, Though this should not have come as a surprise. "Do we have to swim?" "The nest feels so snug!" "Up close to each other it's easy to hug!" "Why go to lake, so cold and so wet? "To be damp and chilly until the sun sets?" Mama Duck rolled her eyes, and then she had said, "Swimming's what we do, it's why Duck  feet are webbed! Our feathers protect us from chilly waters. So come now, all of my sons and my daughters." Reluctant, the Chicks filed out of the nest  With less excitement than Mom would  have guessed. They left, walking with


The Hedgehog felt a little down. Lonely, he felt quite sad. Such a friendly and outgoing guy, But hugs he never had. By nature, he was warm-hearted, And loved to talk and chat. But his quills were sharp, so friends stayed far. He couldn't blame them for that. On a walk he saw the Rabbit, Teary and wet-eyed. Rabbit explained he stubbed his toe. "It hurts so much!" he cried. Hedgehog gave his sympathies, And thought a hug would help. But as his spikes stuck Rabbit, He shouted, "Ouch!" and yelped. Rabbit frowned and limped away. Hedgehog then did lament,  "My aim was to give comfort- Pain was never my intent." He could not play with his mates, Not Touch Football nor Tag, Red Rover, Leapfrog, or Hand Clap. And not Capture the Flag. They didn't want to leave him out. They did like him so much. But what else could they do When his body hurt to touch? So Hedgehog would walk b