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Ask a Silly Question...

How do Porcupines embrace? Carefully, I guess... Standing far apart with their Paws around their necks?
Whatever do Raccoons Wear on Halloween? Since wearing masks for them Is pretty much routine?
Are Hyenas really laughing At some clever inside joke? What could be that funny That kind of laughter to evoke?
How to know a Horse agrees, That he means "yes" or "yea"? When the only thing he says Is simply the word "nay"?
Flamingos have great balance When on one leg.  Although, I wonder what would happen If they got vertigo?
Snakes are awesome creatures, But not without a hitch. I wonder what they do  When they have an awful itch?
A Skunk's spray smells bad And it makes me think- How does a Skunk prevent the smell From causing him to stink?
Swordfish's strange anatomy Gives me much delight. Do they engage with others in undersea sword fights?
A Rooster crowing loud Preps us for the day ahead. But do you ever wonder Who gets the Rooster out of bed?

An Odd Couple

Content to relax and take his time, Sloth was in his tree. He slowly grabbed a leaf to eat. Smiling, he felt carefree.
A Hummingbird went on his way, Darting to and fro. In and out of flowerbeds, Fast was how he'd go.
More opposites you could not find, Just like night and day. They just could never understand How each could live his way.
Always polite when they would meet, They'd say, "Hi" and then move on. One day Hummingbird came down And asked Sloth, just as he yawned-
"You sit up here, all day and night, Lazing all about. Does your routine begin to bore And raise some ounce of doubt?
That surely it's better to be  Fast and energetic? You're slow, getting nothing done- Your life's kind of pathetic."
Sloth took a minute (or two or three) Before he did then speak. "Hummingbird, you do mistake My being slow for weak.
I may not be as fast as you, You let the world pass by. You notice nothing beautiful As you flit and as you fly.
You find my…

Being Lonely Stinks

I never thought I was bad, But many a friend, I never had. Everyone always kept away, Afraid, every moment, I might spray.
I'd arrive and say hello. They'd look at me and away they'd go. Most of the time I was alone, Left to forage and frolic on my own.
When there were parties, I was not there. From afar, I'd look and stare. Once I tried coming over- Everyone yelled and ran for cover.
I decided, though, it's not my fault! Their reactions I can try to halt. I'd brainstorm ways to reverse this mark! Better to light a candle than curse the dark.
I am strong, and I am smart- It's time that I do act the part. They'll see I'm fun and full of charm, And will realize I pose no harm.
Walking in the forest, through the trees, I collected about 100 leaves. I found some twigs and began my task. Everyone will receive a mask!
I worked hard all through the night, Making sure they'd all fit right. The very next day I made my move- I'm worth to know, I set …

The Game

Ball one!  Strike one!  Then ball two- It's a baseball game here at the zoo! The animals are playing the game tonight To decide who gets the bragging rights!
One side-The plant eating Herbivores, Who hope to really run up their scores. The Predators are the other side, With the Lion at the head of their pride.
The Herbivores start out playing defense- With the Predators at bat, the game can commence. All of the animals take their position, Each team has "winning" as their mission.
The Elephant pitches from the mound. With her trunk she can toss that ball around. She winds up, then sends the pitch Right to the Kangaroo's catcher's mitt.
The Tiger at bat swings so hard,  The bat is broken in several shards! He runs towards first as his teammates shout! But the Giraffe, so long, easily makes the out.
The Crocodile walks up, fixing his hat, To take his place as next at bat. Balanced by his long and massive tail, On that ball he's able to wail.
The ball flies up,…