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The Rabbits' one job was simple,
For they were who were in charge
Of eating and keeping grass short
When it was in danger of getting too large.

Each animal in the old forest
Would use their own expertise
To keep it a nice place to live.
This agreement worked well with ease.

The Beavers made sure all the trees
Never fell and hurt someone below.
The Bears would plow walkable paths
For the animals to walk in the snow.

And the Rabbits, with their eating talents,
Made sure all the grass stayed at bay.
When it got too long and too full,
Smaller animals could not find their way.

But one day the others had noticed
That the edge of the meadow grew tall.
The Rabbits still ate the grass,
But did not go near the edges at all.

It was curious, thought the Raccoon.
And days later, the area unmown
Had grown to be even bigger!
Deer and Squirrel had agreed when shown.

They called together the council
To discuss the issue at hand.
The area where grass was uneaten
Kept expanding to more of the land.

The Rabbits were called into speak,
To explain what was happening and why.
The head of their union appeared
And he stood up to testify.

He cleared his throat and looked up,
Saying the others should wait to condemn
The Rabbits for not doing their job,
The fault does not lay with them!

For a colony of Ants had moved in,
Larger than they'd ever seen!
They'd made their nest on the edge
Of the meadow, so large and so green.

And every week the Rabbits had noticed,
With ever more growing alarm,
The colony of Ants was expanding
Into the biggest, most giant Ant farm!

When the Rabbits would try to landscape,
The Ants would rise up in a mob,
Creating a line of defense
That stopped them from doing their job!

And each day that line extended
Outwards, into the field.
And the Ants were so organized
The Rabbits were forced to yield.

So the animals had all agreed
That something had to be done
About their aggressive new neighbors,
And so the planning begun.

They decided the best course of action
Was to peacefully negotiate,
To see if they could live together
In one happy, cooperative state.

So Rabbit, Raccoon and Chipmunk
Went to the Ant colony.
They requested to see the Queen,
And presented her with their plea.

They said they meant them no harm
And they worked as one, they explained,
To keep the forest a nice place to live.
They'd like to keep the status maintained.

Raccoon spoke about the importance
Of keeping the meadow grass low.
It would also be good for the Ants
For getting where they need to go.

The Queen had thought for a moment,
And agreed that it would be good.
The Rabbits could get back to work,
Now that she understood.

The animals' plan had worked well!
Through kind and thoughtful design.
And that is how they all dealt
With a receding Hare line.


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