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One of Those Days

Hare woke up quite early
But felt good and did declare
"Today is going to be great!
I can feel it in the air!"

Autumn was setting in,
Leaves falling to the ground.
A brisk chill in the wind,
"I should go walk around!"

The sun just started rising,
Shadows danced on forest floor.
Though Hares can see quite well,
Where he stepped he wasn't sure.

A giant oak tree root
Was hidden by fallen leaves.
Before Hare could stop himself
He tripped, scraping his knees.

Hare sat for a short while,
Tending to his abrasions.
Still in the same good mood
He'd not be saddened by one occasion.

Hare heard his tummy grumble,
He knew it was breakfast time.
He came upon some berries,
That were clearly in their prime.

He had never seen such berries-
Big and round and bright!
"These will be so delicious!"
He thought with much delight!
He put one in his mouth,
Excited to devour.
But quickly spit it out-
It was tart and very sour.

He tried one and two more,
But each was just as bad.
These were the worst fruits
That he had ever had!

"That's fine, I just will have
Some bark and twigs today.
I won't let this little thing
Chase my happy mood away."

So Hare continued on,
Ignoring early woes.
But suddenly he felt
Something hit him on his nose!

It felt hard and it hurt,
And when he looked around,
He saw it was an acorn
That now laid upon the ground.

A bit in shock he sat,
As Squirrel came through the trees,
Chipmunk close behind him,
And said, "Pardon if you please?"

"But have you seen our nut?
It was such a lovely day
We decided a game of tennis
Would be so fun to play!"

"But Chipmunk here just served
And it went too far, I fear.
We can't find it anywhere,
Though it must be near."

Hare, still feeling dazed,
Held his nose as Squirrel spoke.
He pointed to the acorn,
Which now laid by the oak.

"Now back to the match!"
Squirrel thanked Hare for his aid.
"And next time, not so hard!"
He said to Chipmunk, dismayed.

As the pair departed,
Hare could not believe his luck.
He tripped and hurt his knees,
Ate bad berries and was struck!

The day was nothing like
Anything he had expected.
But he still had the afternoon
And refused to feel dejected.

The sun was shining bright,
And the air was feeling brisk.
The day was so amazing
It was worth a little risk.

He began to feel some thirst
From the long walk he was on.
So he was more than thrilled
To come upon a little pond.

With pretty lily pads
And water crystal clear,
Things seemed to go much better
And this filled him with much cheer.

He bent his head to drink
Between some ferns and fronds,
When something dashed behind him,
Knocking him into the pond!

He jumped up soaking wet
To see what just had happened,
When a flitting Hummingbird
Said, "So sorry to offend!"

"I was looking for some nectar
And seeing all these flowers growing
I just was so excited
And wasn't looking where I was going!"

"Are you quite alright?
You look very wet!"
The Hummingbird said sadly
With sincere regret.

Hare was so annoyed,
But it was an accident.
So he said, "It's fine."
And off Hummingbird went.

Hare started to think
He should have stayed in bed.
The outing was going badly
And he was scared what lay ahead.

"Maybe I'll just head home,
It seems the safer plan."
So he started towards his nest,
Less thrilled than he began.

He finally got back home,
Ready to get warm and cozy.
But when he stepped inside,
Things were less than rosy.

Some Field Mice had moved in!
He felt he had been cursed!
Hare could not believe his eyes!
Could this day be worse?

He quickly got his broom,
Made from surrounding grass.
He had no patience left,
Wanting today to just pass.

The Mice had seen the Hare,
And rightly sensed his mood.
They quickly left the nest
Complaining, "How rude!"

Hare finally bedded down
In the warm, soft, grassy hay.
Really, there's nothing worse
Than having a bad Hare day.


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