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A Ghost's Lament

You'd think it fun as a ghost,
But you have not thought it through.
We have more problems than most.
These laments I share are so true.

I used to love drink and feast!
How I loved burgers and fries!
But now eating and dining has ceased-
I can only enjoy with my eyes.

Dressing up to go out was so fun!
I'd wear makeup and don a nice blouse!
But since this ghost life has begun
I found I cannot leave this house!

Can you hear the boredom in my voice?
I twiddle my thumbs for ages!
Even reading is no longer a choice
When your fingers pass through the pages.

And the new tenants have horrible taste!
You should see what they've done with my room!
Orange paint slapped on with such haste.
And ugh!  You should smell her perfume!

And it's I they have tried to evict!
With "exorcists" and bundles of sage.
Trust me, it's not them I'd have picked!
Their awful habits fill me with rage!

She picks her nose and he chews too loud,
Dirty dishes piling up in the sink.
Whoever said that three is a crowd
Lived with these two prizes I think.

I hate all the shows they watch on TV,
But my hand passes through the remote.
And ceiling fans are nice?  I used to agree.
But things change when to move you must float.

I'm so lonely!  I just want to chat.
Dealing with new transparency.
No one sees me, not even the cat!
The only one I can talk to is me!

I'm not as interesting as I once thought-
My conversation skills are less than hearty.
I have new found sympathy for those I had caught
And cornered at many a party.

So that's my life as a newly formed ghost.
Although I painted a rather sad scene,
I can still gather enough cheer to toast
The coming of this Halloween.

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