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Walking along the steep sea cliff
To see the lovely views,
The Otter strolled a bit too close-
His footing he did lose!

He smelled the salty ocean air
And flowers on the breeze.
He listened to the sweet Bird songs
And wind between the leaves.

Watching Dolphins jump and play
In ocean's foamy swells,
He didn't see the dark tree root
And over the side he fell.

As he dropped down toward the waves,
Per Gravity's laws,
He saw a branch that stuck way out
And grabbed it with his paws.

He felt thankful for the chance
That this branch did give.
But also noted sadly
That this was no way to live.

As he hung over the cliffs
He noted with a frown
The new problem that he now faced
Was how would he get down?

"I've no clue how to live
Drifting in winds and gales-
What will I eat?  For way up here
There are no Clams or Snails!"

He swung there dangling in the wind,
Regretting his clumsiness.
He wished he had been more aware
And avoided this whole mess.

As time passed, as he just hung,
Things became quite dull.
And as this thought popped in his head,
Up flew a passing Gull!

"Don't Otters belong on the ground?
Not in Trees?" Gull asked, amused.
"Pardon me for saying,
But I think you are confused."

"I know that, you silly Bird!
This wasn't my intent.
I wasn't looking where I walked
And over the side I went."

"As I fell, this branch was here,
Which I caught with luck.
But unfortunately now for me
I find myself quite stuck."

Gull cocked his head as he thought.
"Why have you stayed all day?
It's really not that big a deal-
Flap your arms and fly away!"

Otter blankly stared at Gull.
"You know Otters can't fly..."
"Oh!  Then I see your problem,"
Gull nodded in reply.   

"You seem to be in a real fix,
Though I cannot relate.
Why did you come to hang out here
If you can't aviate?"

Otter looked up at the sky,
Restraining his agitation.
He said, "It was an accident."
Through gritted teeth and with frustration.

"Can you do nothing that can help?
Like, can't I hitch a ride?
I can sit right on your back
And down we'll gently glide!"

Gull thought and then he shook his head.
"It won't work as such.
I'm not able to fly us both-
You weigh far too much."

Otter sighed and hung his head.
He began to feel despair.
How will he ever get back down
From hanging in the air?

Then Gull's face had brightened up.
And said, "You just hang tight!"
He giggled at his little joke
And flew off out of sight.

Otter watched him fly away,
Thinking Gull so rude.
But maybe he could convince the Bird
To visit and bring him food.

In a while, the Gull returned,
And he brought some help!
A second Bird was with him
With a net made out of kelp!

Each end was held in a beak
And Otter dropped right in.
He was safe and headed home,
He thought with a big grin!

The Gulls then landed at the shore.
Otter knelt and kissed the ground.
He profusely thanked the Birds
For bringing him safe and sound.

The lesson that the Otter learned?
If you fall out of the blue,
Make sure that it is at least done
Within a Bird's eye view!


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