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Rare Bird

The Chickens always chatted
All day in the coop.
They had the latest info.
They knew the hottest scoops.

The Geese would sometimes join
To hear the latest tales,
Along with all the Roosters,
Ducks, Turkeys and Quails.

The Chickens were, no doubt,
The farm's most popular.
They ruled all of the acres,
Living the life of stars.

The Pig and Sheep were jealous.
The Goat, he felt it too.
They wanted all the fame
That the Chickens knew.

So Pig said they should try
To become the new elite.
The Goat and Sheep agreed
With a "Maa" and a big bleat.

He'd go undercover
After learning how they spoke.
He'd learn their native tongue
And all their inside jokes.

Pig would learn their secrets,
Know all that they had said.
And in no time at all
They'd rule the whole farmstead!

He'd work with his best friends
To sneak into the coop.
Then he'd quietly
Infiltrate the group!

Night and day they listened,
And practiced how to speak
By watching all their gestures
And looking at their beaks.

They made a dictionary
Full of translations
Into "Oinks" and "Baas",
And practiced conversations.

When Pig felt he was fluent,
They created a costume.
He would look like them-
He was a Chicken, they'd assume!

They coated Pig in sap
To make a sticky base.
Then covered him in feathers
They found around the place.

The feathers stuck quite well,
Though Pig attracted Flies,
Because the sweetened sap
Was key to the disguise.

They flew around his head,
His eyes would start to tear.
They went right up his snout,
And in and out his ears.

Ignoring all the pests,
The friends put on his "beak"
They made from a corn cob,
That opened when he'd speak.

Last came comb and wattles,
Reddish in their hue.
They made these out of flowers
Gathered up by all the crew.

Swatting at the Flies,
He casually then walked
Up the coop's long ramp
As he clucked and squawked.

He entered through the door-
"Hello my fellow Birds!
I'm just another Chicken,
Speaking Chicken words!"

The group of Birds fell silent.
Some had cocked their heads.
They saw something was off
With this stranger in their shed.

It smelled like maple syrup
While Bugs swarmed this weird Bird.
And the accent that it spoke with 
Was one they never heard.

Its beak moved very strangely
And had a cone-like shape.
They could also see quite clearly
It was attached with tape.

Bees hovered by its wattle
And the weird shaped comb.
They looked almost like flowers.
Who was this in their home?

What to do with this invader
Who had dared to intrude?
Pig was suddenly surrounded
By the entire brood!

The Pig became quite nervous,
And began to talk anew.
He wanted to say clearly,
"Hey!  I am one of you!"

But he was a new speaker,
Stumbling, he explained.
But did not say what he meant,
Instead calling them "Bird-brained".

The Chickens were all angry,
And felt very insulted.
So with their wings all flapping
A big scuffle resulted!

The Pig never ran faster!
The Hens yelled out with shrieks!
He was pecked and slapped with wings,
His body ached for weeks!

A lesson was well learned
By Pig and his whole group.
If you use Fowl Language,
Prepare to fly the coop!


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