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Eye of the Beholder

We love animals that are so cute,
Like a Puppy, Cat or Bunny.
But there are cool creatures we ignore
Because they look quite funny.

Let's take a look at some of them
Cause they deserve attention.
You'll find them very interesting
And way beyond convention.

First is the small Star Nosed Mole
With a strange shape on her face.
But she's fastest of hunters,
No one can beat her pace!

Her strange pink nose gives her an edge,
Though her eyes can barely see.
She can find food and eat it up
Before you can count to three!

She swims with water proof fur,
Digging claws?  As oars they double!
She can smell underwater too
Through the use of bubbles!

Next is a creature that you'll love,
Though they look quite strange.
But once you learn their special skill
Your opinion will change!

Aye Ayes look shocked, with big eyes,
Hair looks electrified.
But when in trees, looking for food,
They know just what's inside!

One finger, long and thin,
Taps quickly on the trees.
It makes bugs move, which they pick up-
With big ears, hearing's a breeze!

They dig right there, into the wood.
With their finger, like a hook,
They easily pull out the bugs
From their little nook.

Let's move on to one whose name
Describes weird and striking features.
Though they're seen as ugly,
You'll admire these strange creatures.

The Warthog's tough, sturdy and strong,
They can live on little water.
This helps them to survive in zones
That are drier and much hotter.

They're super fast and can reach speeds
Of 30 miles per hour!
They let birds ride upon their backs
Who find bugs the birds devour!

What do you think?  Should we go on?
Do you want to see more creatures
That might look like odd aliens
With their interesting, neat features?

The Probiscus Monkey's nose is big,
You cannot help but notice.
But if you stare only at that,
There's lots that you will miss!

Did you know their hands are webbed
And also their big feet?  
And babies have a deep blue face!
Isn't that so neat?

These Monkeys all have pot bellies,
In which four stomachs sit!
The pot bellies are from their food,
It's not that they're unfit.

And finally, maybe this is 
The ugliest of all.
Introducing the strange Blob Fish-
A gloopy, gloppy ball.

I bet you've heard of this strange guy,
He looks just like his name.
Looking like a pile of goo
Is his claim to fame.

But did you know that goopy mess
Is not his normal form?
He looks different in deep waters
Where high pressure's the norm.

He looks just like any fish
In the low, deep oceanscape.
But if he's brought up to our land,
He'll sadly lose all shape.

The Blob Fish has no bones or teeth,
And very little muscle.
Being weak with not much strength
Makes it hard to hustle.

We know very little of them-
They live in such deep sea
That most of their lives do remain
One giant mystery!

Maybe you'll choose to be the one
To study and discover
The secrets of how Blob Fish live-
Imagine what you can uncover!

That's the end of our short list.
But there are much more critters
That you might not have heard about 
Because their looks cause jitters.

Hopefully we've learned not
To give ugly beasts cold shoulders.
They're interesting and super cool-
Beauty's in the eye of the beholder.  


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