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One Good Turn

Duck and Sheep were out and about,
Taking a little walk.
Enjoying the sun as they strolled,
Having a lovely talk.

It was a pleasant chat about the farm,
When Duck suddenly stopped.
She held back Sheep with a feathery wing,
And to the ground she dropped.

Sheep, in surprise, asked her why
They all at once stood still.
Duck looked at Sheep, smiling wide-
"Look at this great anthill!"

"If we kept on, we would have trod
All over this busy place!
We need to take a slight detour
And give the Ants some space!"

Sheep snorted loud and rolled his eyes,
"Who cares about some bugs?
They're creepy, crawly, little mites-
Not things you'd ever hug!"

Duck stood up, wings on her hips-
"How dare you say such words!
Others have rights to live here
Though they're not sheep or birds!"

Sighing, Duck then went on,
"We live on a complex Earth.
We each have important parts to play,
We each have meaningful worth."

Sheep just shrugged and then moved on.
Duck told the ants, "Take care!"
Though so busy, she was sure,
They didn't notice she was there.

A week later, Duck at the farm
Was speaking with the Goats.
They warned a terrible storm was due,
Joking they might need some boats!

Duck asked whatever did they mean?
The Goats just cocked their heads.
"Look at those grey and thunderous clouds!
Those mean a storm's ahead!"

"And a big one at that!" said Goat One-
"You can smell it on the breeze.
Stay away from water if you can,
Stay away from any trees."

"But I live near water!  I'm a Duck!
That's where I have my nest!
My poor, poor eggs, all alone!"
Duck cried, very distressed.

And then some drops fell from the sky,
Turning the dirt to mud.
Duck waddled fast back to the lake
To get there before the flood.

But Ducks can only run so fast.
Rain poured, to her dismay.
She worried the lake waters would rise
And wash her eggs away.

After some time, Duck reached her home,
But found her nest not there.
She looked out into the rising lake,
With fear and with despair.

Duck felt a tap on her right leg,
So soft and very light.
She looked down expecting rain,
Not what came into sight.

Hundreds of Ants looked at Duck-
"Please come follow our lead."
Duck watched as they made their way
Into the grass and reeds.

Her nest was there!  Safe from harm!
Far from the rising waters!
All her eggs unhurt inside-
All her sons and daughters!

Duck looked at them with great relief,
With gratitude and thanks.
But asked why they took the time to move
Her home far from the banks?

"Remember?  You did the same for us!
You're filled with such goodwill!
You stopped that big, hairy Sheep
From destroying our anthill!"

"So when the storm moved in so fast,
We had to return the gift!
We all came down straight to the lake
To give your nest a lift!"

Duck smiled wide, the sun came out.
"We must do good for each other.
When each of us tries to be kind,
One good turn deserves another!"


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