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Kangaroo and Koala were just hanging out,
When Koala asked Roo, "Can I get into your pouch?"
Roo said, "My pouch? I don't understand?"
Koala said, "My feet are getting tired while I stand."

Roo said, "I guess, if you need a real quick rest"
Koala said, "Thanks!  I would love to be your guest!"
She climbed into the pouch, glad and full of glee,
While Roo could only wonder how long this stay would be.

Roo, as she was kind, allowed her pal to rest.
When it came to friendship, Roo really was the best.
But Koala didn't care if she had imposed,
And without a thought, fell asleep and began to loudly doze.

Koala was very heavy, much to Roo's dismay.
Koala would shush Roo, and kept getting in her way.
Apologizing, Roo tried to tiptoe through the trees,
But Koala complained that Roo stepped too loudly on the leaves.

Roo would ask Koala when she'd be on her way.
Koala would respond with "soon, perhaps today."
It was hard to carry her while Roo would 
do her chores,
Not to mention when Koala slept, 
she would loudly snore.

One day Koala woke and rose up to take a peek,
Not realizing she'd troubled Roo for a very 
long two weeks.
She was shocked!  She didn't recognize 
any of the trees!
There were no familiar scents she knew wafting 
on the breeze.

Roo had a trip scheduled so she could see her son,
And could not wait for Koala to leave and 
to be done. 
Roo said, "I'm sorry, I did not mean to offend-"
But Koala madly yelled and said that Roo 
was a bad friend.

Koala climbed out of Roo's pouch, 
grumbling in a huff
As Roo cried out, "That is it!  Enough is enough!
How am I a bad friend, carrying you around?
I felt like I was lugging one hundred
 thousand pounds!"

"I went out of my way making sure you 
always felt content.
You did not care at all what, for me, that 
might have meant!"
All my chores are still undone-I can't cook or 
clean or sweep.
You've kept me up every night, you're so restless 
in your sleep!"

Not once have you said thank you!  Of this 
I'm very sure.
And you tell me that as a friend, I'm one 
that you deplore?
I've been better to you, this friendship 
is one sided!
You'll lose out more than me!  It's done, 
I have decided!"

Roo angrily hopped away, leaving Koala all alone
To consider what just happened, and how to get back home.
Her long walk back gave her time to ponder and 
to think.
Koala realized, as a friend, she was bad and 
did stink.

When Koala got back, she went to Roo and asked her for a chat.
Roo nodded, hopping slowly to where Koala sat.
Koala said, "You were right, I was selfish 
and so mean.
I was demanding, expecting you to treat me 
like a queen.

"Roo, you deserve the kind of friend that you were to me.
Relationships take effort and best pals 
are never free.
If we don't give what we take, 
our friendships will decline.
And with us, the biggest loss would 
definitely be mine."

Roo gave her a friend a hearty hug, to reach her, bending low.
Koala then said to Roo, "This lesson now I know.
Thank you for helping me to learn 
before it was too late:
Be a good friend, give what you take, and 
carry your own weight."


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