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Rumor Has It

Pig happily wallowed in the mud,
When two Field Mice scurried by.
Excitedly chatting to themselves,
They didn't bother saying hi.

Pig cleared her throat and said, "Hello!"
The Mice said, "Please excuse
Our rudeness for not greeting you,
But have you heard the news?"

Pig sat up and said, "Well no,
I don't think that I'm aware.
Do you mind informing me
Of the news you have to share?"

Mouse One said, "I suggest you pack,
If I may be so bold.
We were just told by the Crow
The farm is being sold!"

"Sold?" Pig asked with disbelief.
"This cannot be the case!
I know that it is a fact
The farmer loves this place!"

The Mice just shrugged and looked at her,
"Well, that is what we heard.
We believe what Crow does say.
He's a reliable old bird."

The Mice ran off, leaving Pig
To ponder this report.
She resolved to find the source,
And what the evidence did support.

Pig found the Crow up in a spruce
And shouted up to him,
"Mouse said you have some startling news?"
Crow looked down from his limb.

He flew down to Pig, said to her,
"Oh yes!  It's unexpected!
I learned the farm is being sold,
From information I've collected."

"Are you sure that's right?  That it's true?
Farmer's selling all this land?
That's troublesome.  Where will we go?
I'd no idea that this was planned!"

Crow cocked his head, and said, "Oh dear,
It will surely all work out.
But, yes, it's true.  Goose told me.
She knows what she talks about."

 Crow patted Pig to comfort her
And flew up to his spruce.
Pig thought, "I need to inspect more-
Speak directly to the Goose!"

Out by the pond, Goose relaxed
In her nest of leaves and twigs.
She sat up and smiled when she saw
The appearance of the Pig.

"Is it true the farmer's planned a move
And selling off the farm?
That can't be true, I hope it's not!"
Pig cried with much alarm.

"Oh no!  That's wrong-not what I said!
Not what old Crow was told!
But it's also bad, I'm afraid-
The farm has gotten mold!"

"It's everywhere!  And hard to breathe!
And very hard to clean.
I'm afraid it is of all sorts too!
Brown and red and green!"

Goose stood up and shook her head,
Continuing her reply.
"Sorry to say.  The Hens told me.
And Chickens never lie!"

Pig knew she must keep searching-
What's this rumor's origin?
Where had this gossip started?
Where did all this begin?

Pig walked into the large bird coop,
Hens in their house and chattering.
Saying, "Have you heard?" and "Did you know?"
And all in all just nattering.

She knew Chickens were gossips,
And not at all reliable.
She knew what they said could not be true,
That was undeniable.

Pig cleared her throat, but not one Hen
Stopped talking or their brooding.
Finally Pig loudly said,
"I hope I'm not intruding!"

With their attention, Pig then asked
If what she heard was true.
Could they please help and share with her
What they heard from who?

The Chickens nodded as one group,
Rising from roosts and poles.
They cackled, "Oh it's terrible!
The barn is full of holes!"

"The cold and rain that must get in!
The poor creatures inside."
They clucked and shook their feathered heads-
"They might as well be outside."

Now Pig started to suspect
This was not the case.
She began to think she was sent
On some wild goose chase.

The Hens had shared they heard this news
From none other than the Sheep.
They knew their stuff, everyone knew
Their talk was never cheap.

So Pig continued on her quest
And visited the pasture.
She asked her questions as she had
Several times before.

The Sheep then bleated all at once.
"One at a time," Pig directed.
And what they said exactly was
What Pig now had expected.

Excitedly one Sheep "Baa-ed"
As he took the speaker role.
"Oh you certainly won't believe!
The barn is full of Moles!"

"They must have tunneled underneath,
The barn is overrun!
The farmer can't get rid of them.
He'll have to build a new one!"

Pig rolled her eyes as she said thanks,
Before asking who's their source?
"We heard it from a reliable place!
Directly from the Horse!"

Pig was tiring from her search,
But decided one last try.
She'd ask the Horse what he'd said,
And set off with a sigh.

The Pig slowly entered the barn,
But did not see any Moles.
There was no evidence, not one shred!
Not even just one hole.

She found the Horse and told him all-
The tale from A to Z.
She waited for Horse's response.
He smiled with great glee.

He said, "This I cannot believe!"
His laughter uncontrolled.
"That all those rumors came from me!
I just said, 'This barn is cold!'"

The Pig was glad to know the truth,
Though it took her North and South,
East and West, all to hear
It straight from the Horse's mouth.


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