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Recess-A Cat Playbook Mini

  Feeling rather bored, Young Cat yawned and sat, While a little ball He half-heartedly did bat. Old Cat had looked over, Thought, "This is not the way A young cat such as him, Should amuse himself and play." Old Cat approached Young Cat And asked what he was doing. "I feel so very bored! This feels like my undoing!" Young Cat was so dramatic, Old Cat just rolled his eyes. "Oh stop and listen to me- For I am old and wise." "Cats are pros at playing- How have you never learned? After my master class, Boredom won't be a concern!" Young Cat followed Old Cat To a large space in the den, Where Old Cat had a white board And some brightly colored pens. Old Cat started off- "Play is not just play- It is a complex means To teach the young our ways. They seem silly, do they not? The stuffed rabbit and toy mouse? The way we stalk them close And bat them all around the house?" "It's how you learn to hunt! To stalk them as your prey! Le

All Ears

  Flopping and flapping, Even when he was napping, Bunny's ears were way overgrown. No matter the landscape, His two ears' grand shape Made him highly accident prone. Other creatures would taunt, "They're as big as Vermont!" "How do you manage such weight?" "You look like Dumbo,     With your ears so jumbo! They're as big as two dinner plates!" He would fall and trip, Over his ears he would flip. They would cause such embarrassment. The others would jeer, And the size of his ears Would just lead to loads of harassment. He found when he'd hop, The two ears would flop And get tangled up in his own feet. No matter what he'd do, The problem just grew And he finally accepted defeat. Jokes he didn't enjoy, So he began to avoid The other beasts-they acted like clowns. While he'd get lonely When it was him only, He didn't have to put up with put downs. One day in the glade, Hanging out in the shade On a sunny and brightly lit da

Rumor Has It

Pig happily wallowed in the mud, When two Field Mice scurried by. Excitedly chatting to themselves, They didn't bother saying hi. Pig cleared her throat and said, "Hello!" The Mice said, "Please excuse Our rudeness for not greeting you, But have you heard the news?" Pig sat up and said, "Well no, I don't think that I'm aware. Do you mind informing me Of the news you have to share?" Mouse One said, "I suggest you pack, If I may be so bold. We were just told by the Crow The farm is being sold!" "Sold?" Pig asked with disbelief. "This cannot be the case! I know that it is a fact The farmer loves this place!" The Mice just shrugged and looked at her, "Well, that is what we heard. We believe what Crow does say. He's a reliable old bird." The Mice ran off, leaving Pig To ponder this report. She resolved to find the source, And what the evidence did support. Pig found the Crow up in a spruce And shouted up t