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No Bones About It

  On the outskirts of a northern state,  There is a special town. Boo-Ville's not like any place  You've ever been around. The people are, though quite nice,  Unlike you've ever seen- They are the types you would meet only on Halloween! There is a family we will meet  And their last name is Jones. They are kind and fun and loving and  Oh! Made out of bones! Their son, whose name is Mikey, is a boy about your age. He is very much like you, but you see his rib cage. One Sunday morning, Mikey awoke And he began to yawn. But what was this?  His arm was missing! Where could it have gone? He knew he had it yesterday, That's how he ate his dinner- But did he have it before bed? On that thought things were dimmer. "I have to go retrace my steps And think of where I lost it. If my mother finds this out, I know she'll have a fit!" Last night he went to his friend's house After finishing his meal. He decided to start there first, Maybe he would know the deal. He


It has been a month, it has been non-stop.  You may think my story is over the top. This poltergeist that lived in my room Had filled me with fear and filled me with doom. It started when I came home from school One day in the Fall, the air turning cool. Inside more then, I noticed the change- Things moving around, which I thought  quite strange. First, items would be in one place, then another. I thought that maybe it had been my brother. He denied any participation, Which only increased my feelings of frustration. Then books began to fall on the floor. I would see shadows at the closet door. Rattling chains, and moans filled the space. At night I'd pull covers up over my face. The toys in my room would circle and spin. Then they'd fall down, causing a loud din. Mom would yell out, "Stop all that noise!" But it wasn't me throwing the toys. I tried to explain, it was the ghost and not me! But she didn't believe, she refused to see. I finally decided, rather th

The Vampire's Lament

People seem to admire Vampires, But they've no idea what it requires. Flying as bats?  Eternal life? Yes, but you're not accounting for strife. Italian food, yes?  You love it so? For Vampires, that cuisine's a no-no. A nice bolognese, meaty and thick? Not when it comes with fresh garlic! We get stressed too, and we need a break! It's hard dodging things that can be used as a stake! But no restful beach with oceans to splash. Not when the sun can turn you to ash. And how can I know if my cape is on straight? Or if I look tired, unkempt or look great? How do you tell if you're a mess or perfection When, in a mirror, you have no reflection? And yes, it is cool to walk on the ceiling. I must admit it's a really cool feeling. But it is a chore when your wife expects, Out of the corners, you to clear all insects. "But you can turn into a bat, and fly far away! Soaring the skies!  That's cool!" do you say? Yes it is nice to float on the breeze, But you m

From "Were" I Stand

  My brow is furrowed, my lips are pursed. What's troubling me?  I am cursed. It's been this way for quite some time. Will it last my whole lifetime? Every time the moon is full, I feel the change, I feel the pull. Slowly I start to transform- It has become my dreaded norm. My teeth grow sharp, my hair grows long. The urge to howl becomes strong. Eventually I'm on all fours, My claws click-clacking on the floor. My hearing becomes more acute. I engage in late, midnight pursuits. My eyes begin to glow bright red, Within my newly furry head. I twitch and shake my brand new tail. I start to growl and start to wail. I feel the need to go outside And let the moonlight be my guide. I slink behind a group of trees, Scent of trick-or-treaters on the breeze. I see them and I start to stalk My targets down the busy block. Behind them I discreetly creep Until they're alone-and then I leap! Biting the air, I snarl and growl- But laughter is all I hear them howl. Cracking up, they g