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The Perfect Pet

Dad surprised son by giving him news That he's getting a pet!  He just has to choose! You can get a hamster, a cat or a frog- A snake or a lizard, or a good loyal dog! The boy thought a sec, then turned to his Dad. "I want to say something, but don't think I'm sad. I'm excited you see, I want nothing more- The problem is that there are choices galore!" Each pet has a feature that I have in mind,  I wish there was one with them all combined. Do you think we can create the perfect pet?" Dad said, "I'll draw as you talk-let's see what  we get!" "Like a kitten, it has to be soft to the touch And love to snuggle and hug very much. It would purr when I pet it and sit next to me When I want to relax and just watch TV." "But like a dog, its athletic and should like to play. We can go out for walks when it's a nice day. We can throw sticks and balls, I'll teach him to f

Greener Pastures

A pig in her sty Began to ask why There has to be mud all around? I'd be happier still Without all this swill, With mire and muck on the ground. She looked at her friends With smells that offend. She wanted to find pastures greener. I'm sick of this grime- It's finally time To find a new home that is cleaner. She left on that day And was well on her way When she found an old hollow tree. It seemed big enough To fit her and her stuff, So she moved in with joy and with glee. But it wasn't too soon Til she changed her tune And found that this wasn't quite right. Yes, it was big, Nice enough for a pig, But it was also chock full of termites. She got up and left, She felt quite bereft, But resolved to find something once more. She followed a trail, Told herself she'd prevail, And went further afield to explore. She entered a meadow, Where soft grass did grow, And though

One in a Million

When see you ants swarm around, What thoughts enter your mind? Do you think, "Just bugs on the ground"? Or "An interesting group I have found!" Our world's sophisticated- So full of activity. The community we've created Is as complex as yours, you see? Ants' homes have many sections- Many tunnels criss-crossing and such. If you haven't a sense of direction You really are just out of luck. It's easy to get lost and adrift, In this maze that's so hard to track. When I went to start my first shift, It took two weeks to find my way back. We make a huge society. Our leader, the Queen, is in charge. But oh my!  All the anxiety To be part of a group that's so large. Thousands of us in one home, All in one colony. The only men here are the drones, And they are the Queen's property. Do you know what it's like to be living With a thousand or so of your sisters? I don&#

Bad Reputation

Psst!  Hey!  Hello!  Down here, on the ground! I know I am quiet, barely making a sound. But please, won't you stop and give me your ear? I have quite the account I think you should hear. You don't understand, to be a snake is hard work, When you have the reputation of being a jerk. From the Garden of Eden, and Adam and Eve To the cause of Cleopatra's subjects to grieve. In "Harry Potter" the evil has us as the root, St. Patrick is loved because he gave us the boot. It's not just, it's not fair, and this is a fact. But to change other's minds, against us cards are stacked. On top of all that, we must slither around Without legs or feet, bellies on the ground. Low to the earth, we must keep alert That we are not stepped on or otherwise hurt. Some of us are large with muscles that constrict. Some of us do have venom, with a bite, to inflict. But me? I'm just a small, harmless garter snake, Easily