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What's In A Name?

I met a girl named Journey, but she lived too far away Opal was a gem, but she left me one fine day Patience, she ran out on me, I never did know why I was shocked when Raven flew off and said goodbye Beautiful music was never made with true Harmony  I was never given any time by sweet Charity Autumn was so beautiful, but for me she did not fall  I realized Joy was never glad to ever see me call Temperance agreed to date only in moderation Brandy would only see me if I offered her libation Julienne had cut my heart into many slices While Eden was the opposite of Earthly paradises Serenity made her peace with ending our romance Destiny left a reunion purely up to chance Honor always lied to me, of this I was aware Ivy drove me up a wall, clingy beyond compare I really thought Eternity would stay with me forever Faith made me believe that we would always be together My dating life is such a mess, it really is a shame It made me stop and st

The Cat Playbook III-Defending Your Turf

Old Cat and Young Cat, Mentor and Mentee, Old Cat proud Young Cat earned his cat degree. He looked after Young Cat as if he were his own Inside the house that now felt like a home. Things had settled well and they fell into a groove. The way they got along, any Pet Dad would approve. They were very happy, their lives felt so ideal, Everything fell into place, contentment they did feel. One day Pet Dad came home and things felt very strange. Though they did not know just yet, things were gonna change. Extra bowls came out of bins. And why toy bones abound? Curiouser things became, and then they heard the sound. A sharp arf here, and then a yelp-was that a bark as well? Young Cat was quite unsure, but Old Cat knew the tell. "This couldn't be, I don't believe Pet Dad would have agreed To add this yipping, noisy thing to our perfect family!" Old Cat, full of disbelief, quite frankly felt insulted Pet Dad would make this

Social Distancing

It's been so long-no school, no friends. My brother was driving me mad. He'd grab my stuff and rip my books- I complained to Mom and Dad. My Mom said I should feel lucky to have A playmate like my bro. Some kids have no one else at home, As well as no place to go. I said to her, "But there's nothing to do!" Mom said, "Use imagination." So I looked around for some new idea And on TV, found inspiration. After a bit of playing, I saw Mom Looking around, a bit concerned. I wasn't sure why, so back to the game I decided to return. Some time later, I saw Mom's face And it looked quite pale. She started looking in all the rooms But seemed to no avail. Faster and faster she began to search- For what I had no notion. So I got back to playing our game, Not understanding her commotion. It was nice and quiet in the house, Which seemed to concern my Mother. But I was glad that things calmed down


The year is 2050 and we've opened the door To more exploration than ever before. Nuclear propulsion now powers our craft Which allows us to travel incredibly fast! With space so far reaching, how to go such a distance? We'll use what's called wormholes, which give great assistance. Wormholes are tubes bridging sites far on maps, But we never could use them for fear they'd collapse. For them to be safe, they'd have to be stable, And that's what technology from NASA enabled. They join two far places, apart by lightyears- Shortcuts across space, new paths and frontiers. We've successfully launched, and all at our stations- We have a strong team from all different nations. Space travel's a challenge!  The key's cooperation! We need the best squad, no matter location! We work well together in the spirit of science- To explore and learn is why we formed our alliance. The possibilities are endless, on

Chasing Dragonflies

Up in the North, in Alaska's woods Where the days are long and cold, There lived a little, curious moose Whose story must be told. One day while he was grazing He saw a darting dragonfly. He began to chase it all around, Not seeing time was passing by. He ran and played and jumped and leapt, And so far did he roam, It wasn't long before he found He was quite a ways from home. He looked around, and up and down, But did not see his mother. He climbed up hills, and went down streams And called out for his brother. The little moose then thought he saw His brother through some leaves. But it wasn't antlers that he saw, Just the branches of some trees. He looked around the meadow ground, For even one hoof mark. But found none, and started to fret As the sky grew dark. All alone and feeling scared, Little moose lay down and cried. But as he began to look around, He couldn't believe his eyes! He sto

A Stag's Lament

You might think me noble and grand, An animal graceful and fine. But things often go unplanned With antlers as big as mine. Many others do greatly admire The horns that come out of my head. But the truth is I would be a liar If "I loved them" is what I had said. You see they are quite the hardship To carry around all of my life. They feel just as big as a starship And they've caused me nothing but strife. Let's begin with an obvious quandary- On all things my head decor catches. When somebody line dries their laundry, On horns, you bet underwear snatches. Do you know that others will snicker? They're hard to remove, you really should know. It's awkward, in your horns, to have knickers When you're trying to talk to a doe. Antlers can be very ungainly And they're not very good for my balance. Really, to put it quite plainly, Walking round with these things takes some talents. What really ca


"My people are away on vacation," Thought the parrot all alone in his cage. "I'm in need of good conversation. I'll find others with whom to engage." "My need for smart interaction Will surely be met on my tour. I'll meet others to serve as distraction Til my people walk back through the door." So parrot unlocked his cage door, And flew right out into the world. Great discourse awaited for sure Once his colorful wings had unfurled. "What will other beasts say?" he had mused As he found a large cow in a field. But he started to become confused When a reluctance to talk was revealed. "What's your name?  And where are you walking? What do you like to do during the day?" Parrot tried to engage her in talking, But "Move" was all she would say. "That cow was quite rude," thought the bird, And decided to try someone new. Not realizing he had misheard

Wild Goose Chase

Fixing the fedora he was wearing, Detective Raven was right on the case. He wouldn't fall for any red herring, He'd put this crook right in his place. This should be easy, Raven had thought. It seemed simple enough at the start. But as time passed, the harder it got To find out who'd stolen Frog's heart. Rumors said Frog felt pain off the chart And was lost in a sea of frustration. If Raven could locate his heart, This could make his sleuth reputation. Idioms meant nil to our bird. Figures of speech were nothing he knew. Taking literally what he had heard, Thought this case was totally true. So a pickpocket, a cheat or a pirate? No matter, he'd make their tongues wag. They'd spill where they did indeed hide it And let the cat out of the bag. He made a list of could-be offenders And planned to visit each one. If he could make the guilty surrender, His investigation would be done. The first w